My Projects

I’ve been an Arts educator for over 20 years, working with students, art teachers and local artists.


Mosaics Installations at Redwood High School

The student group I sponsor, The Art Honor Society is mostly responsible for creating and installing mosaic tile murals, table tops, benches, chairs, gardens and more on the school campus.


Marin Art Teachers art workshop progam

ART WORKSHOPS FOR TEACHERS-- Professional, convenient, collegial, economical.
Arts educators, general educators and artists who want to enhance their professional development locally and collaboratively can have that opportunity through sponsored guest artist workshops hosted in the art classrooms here in Marin.

Close up on Pottery Wheel.jpg

Teaching Art at Redwood High School

I love teaching and inspiring young people. I’ve been the Ceramics and Sculpture teacher for all levels as well as the Intro to Art teacher at Redwood High School since 2000. My Ceramics program encompasses a wide variety of approaches, from beginning up to the Advanced Placement level.